Personal Life Edit

Executioner was born January 26,1996.He is in 7th Grade and Is a former World Champion Of DCW.


In 2007 he became Friends with Michael Kuruma and they decided to Make WKCW With a couple of other friends like Irily Juels,and Rocker Loyal.

2007-2008 Edit

In August 2007 he formed a tag team with Michael Kuruma.Together they won the tag belts 2 Times.Later in November Michael Turned on him So he could focus on his World Title Run.In December Executioner attacked Michael Kuruma in the middle of his title match when the referee was knocked out.Costing Michael The title the two started a fued which is down in the record books.In January 2008 he won a 120 Minute Ironman match against Michael.He was Injured and couldn`t wrestle.In June 2008 he made his big return only to work with Michael once again.When michael was in his 2nd title run.The two one the titles for a 3rd time.Michael lost the world Title and Once again turned on Executioner.In October 2008 Executioner won his first World Title Shot.Only for him to be defeated By Michael Kuruma Once again.In December 2008 Executioner announced he was going after the World Heavyweight Title.

2009-Present Edit

In January 2009 he started to team with Mr.Victory becoming Heel for the first time the two became Tag team champions and together he helped Retire Michael Kuruma at least for that Time being.In Febuary 2009 he turned on Mr.Victory therfore becoming Face.In March 2009 at Extinction he won the World Heavyweight Title for the first time in his Career.Only to have lost it the next week.Michael Kuruma cashed in the Money In The Bank to win the gold.He has had verious fueds sence that match.Such as Dominant Force